Friday, January 11, 2013

Episode 4: Peter Parrish

Show Notes for Podcast # 4: Friday January 11
Guest: Peter Parrish
Hosts: Mike Smith and Jay Benson

Intro Music

School News:
- Grease Auditions underway
- School is hosting its first Blood Drive on Thursday from noon - 5 in the FCS room
- Varsity Boys Undefeated, next home game on Tuesday vs. Williamstown (also undefeated, should be one of the games of the year!)
- AND, Varsity Girls won their first game last night over Mid-Vermont, and here to talk about it is coach Peter Parrish

Interview with Pete:
- Is this your first season coaching girls and how does it compare to coaching the boys?
- What were your expectations coming into the season? What were you looking to get out of this experience?
- How do you like coaching your daughter, is that hard or easy?
- What offense are you working on with the girls, and how is it going?
- With such a young team (one senior and no juniors) how much of a problem is leadership and lack of experience?
- Do you think our home court is an advantage or a disadvantage?
- How do the other teams in the league stack up in terms of competition?

Wrap Up:
- Thanks for Pete’s time and comments, hope to see lot of people out at the games next week.
And best wishes from everyone at Rochester School to Packy West on his recovery!

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